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Coaching People to Work Smarter.

For thirty years, we have helped top tier companies around the world address a range of strategic and operational issues, including:

* White collar productivity
* Optimal utilization of productivity tools (Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.)
* Alternative officing
* Corporate Relocations
* Paper reduction and files management (paper and electronic)
* E-mail overload
* Time Management

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- Do you feel that you are always short of time?

- Do you or your personnel have too much to do?

- Are you in control over your e-mail or is it controlling you?

- Are your people getting the important things done?

- Do you get stressed out because of what you don�t get done?

Kerry Gleeson is the founder of the PEPWorldwide and developer of the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP). PEPWorldwide is located in 25 countries spanning five continents.
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