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Coaching People to Work Smarter.

Kerry Gleeson is an exciting, motivating, and entertaining public speaker. His career experiences have given him the knowledge and skill to teach, inspire, and help your personnel achieve the highest levels of personal and team effectiveness and productivity.

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Looking for one of these?

• Internationally renowned expert on the worlds best practices to improve white collar productivity.

• How to double your accomplishments while working less.

• How to achieve life balance where work, technology and globalization is rapidly turning us into a 24/7 society.

• How to make technology work for you.

• How to get organized to get more done in less time.

• How to get your people organized to get more done in less time.
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- Do you feel that you are always short of time?

- Do you or your personnel have too much to do?

- Are you in control over your e-mail or is it controlling you?

- Are your people getting the important things done?

- Do you get stressed out because of what you don�t get done?
Kerry Gleeson is the founder of the
PEPWorldwide and developer of the
Personal Efficiency Program (PEP). PEPWorldwide is located in 25 countries
spanning five continents.
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